Ahna Difelice

Helping people have the life’s end they want.

What matters to you most? And do your loved ones know?
Death is a difficult subject. It helps to have a plan.
Rest assured that help is available.

Ahna DiFelice, founder of Rest Assured, is a professional death doula providing clients and families informational, emotional, physical and mental support during all stages relating to dying, death and bereavement. She works to help people consider and document, at any stage of life, how they may want to be supported, remembered, celebrated and what they might want done with their ‘stuff’ when “the time comes”. It’s the thing we all have in common and yet, talk about the least!

Planning ahead for end of life matters offers reassurance, clarity and relief to everyone. It also frees you and your family up to enjoy a high quality of life, leaving you to spend time in more meaningful ways. Having a plan may help lessen the fear of dying, reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm too.

Ahna is also available for bedside companionship, respite and grief care. After death care to mark and celebrate a life are also things she helps families and loved ones with.

This support is non-medical and complementary to other care that clients and families may already be receiving or considering.

“Some things in life are too hard to see by yourself because they take up the whole sky.”

Stephen Jenkinson